Please read the following to help retrieve your login and/or password:

-Your login is based on your account number with the manufacturer. If you do not have
your manufacturer account number, you will need to contact them for that information.

-The three letter manufacturer code is also a part of your login. Make sure to include the three
letter code in your login before your account number as follows: {Manufacturer Code}{Account Number}
The password is similar -- just reverse the order as follows: {Account Number}{Manufacturer Code}

Example Login: ZZZ12345
Example Password: 12345ZZZ

-The follow displays a listing of all manufacturers for outdoor power,
their phone number, and their three letter manufacturer code:
ManufacturerPhone NumberCode
BushHog800/363-6096 BUH 
Exmark402-223-6330 EXM 
TrynEx(586) 756-6555 TRN 

-If you are still unable to login, please call DWS technical support at 847.426.6000.